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Why Choose Taine Multimedia Studio?

We are developing audio and video services to help big and small companies implement their multimedia projects.
We offer awesome services…and a speed dial to our voice database.

Commercial Voice-Overs

Recording voice for online, radio and TV commercials, or other projects.

Sound Design

Creating sound effects and ambient sounds for theatre, YouTube, TV series, audio projects.

Audio Recording&Editing

Capturing recordings for vocals and instruments, correcting and adjusting recorded sound


A village of translator, directors, sound engineers and voice talents is ready for any lip sync project.
Dedicated ADR software makes the production fast and cost-friendly, while high diversity of the delivered content for international clients keeps us relevant to the game.


Music production is the process of creating a recorded music project.
We handle music production, managing every aspect. We can be a critical part of the creative process, such as deciding what instruments are used and contributing to song arrangements.


More accessible than ever, you can now choose your dream team of voice-over talents and stage an outstanding production your audience will love to listen on repeat.


Multi-lingual voice-over talents, professional support in choosing, acquiring or ordering background music for voice prompts that your clients will appreciate.


We take pride in 4 years of major TTS projects, where the constant quality of the recording is as important as the commitment to a strict workflow defning a long-term project.


User friendly, flexible price packages for your unique content, and many other production options for a deeper engagement with your fast growing audience.

From the beginning, we were very impressed with the quick response time, good prices and the attitude of the team.
They were always very involved and determined to deliver the projects on time and at the highest standards of quality.
I highly recommend them as a studio that offers complete audio production services for TV commercials, corporate films and in-store promo spots.

Iraida Paiuc

Sales and Marketing Coordinator Romania&Bulgaria, JYSK Romania

We have been working with Taine-Multimedia since 2010.

We were impressed by the professionalism, the readiness and the flexibility that the team at Taine-Multimedia has always shown.

Dorin Chețan

Service Center Manager , Erste Telekom S.A.

I have worked together with the team at Taine-Multimedia for a video material meant for AXA Romania’s employees. The final product exceeded our expectations in terms of the team’s creativity and the entire project was done in a very proactive and constructive manner.
The team is truly professional, enthusiastic and show great responsibility for any project they take on.

Mihaela Costache

Senior HR Internal Communication Officer , AXA Asigurări

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Years of experience

Clients across 4 continents

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