TAINE MULTIMEDIA is a passionate story about making music, while growing a strong business.

Andy and Adrian, the core of the 20 year old rock band TAINE, founded the recording studio in 2005. Its activity begun with various audio projects and album releases for local artists.The band’s need for a professional studio in which to express their music creativity, also matched the growing need of professionals in the emerging Romanian multimedia industry. It was a natural step to take for Andy, music producer and entrepreneur, and Adrian, composer, drummer and sound designer.

The healthy development of the business endorsed TAINE MULTIMEDIA to access governmental funds, which enabled it to upgrade to modern equipment and professional hardware and software. In recent years, the company has increased its number of employees and its annual turnover, relocating in 2013 in a central part of Bucharest.

“We continuously invest in two things: people and equipment. We select the best specialists, we train the most promising fresh talents, we never stop learning new technologies and we always try to adapt to the needs of our clients. Whether their project requires a native voice-over, or needs full audio-video production services, we are here for them. Thus, we’ve become a well-established business, taking pride in a long list of satisfied clients from more than 20 countries, and a growing list of services and expertise, from simple voice recording, to subtitle translation and creation, video editing, mastering etc.”

Andy Ionescu, CEO

Meet Our Team

At Taine-Multimedia Studio, people are our greatest asset. Each of our team members represents the best talent within their discipline.

Andy Ionescu


With over 20 years of experience as an artist - composer, with extensive knowledge in the music industry, he is the owner of the Taine-Multimedia studio since 2004. With the help of his own record label he becomes a producer for various bands and artists.

Andreea Dragnea

Artistic Manager

She is licensed in the performing arts. Artistic experience and multiple interdisciplinary and consulting projects allow her to manage the main aspects of artistic and operational management.

Cristian Siteavu

Lead Audio Production

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