I’m using this type of services for the first time. What details should I send for cost estimation?

Please list as much info as you are allowed to share with us when contacting us. Include details like:

  • Type and length of the project (a 15 second promo, a 50 words/minutes narration etc.)
  • All services you’d like us to perform in connection to your project (recording, editing, mixing, video post-production etc.).
  • What type and how many voice talents does the project require (actors, children, singers etc.). You can listen to a selection of voice samples from our database here.
  • If original music composition is required, or if you need assistance in choosing music for online libraries.
  • Where and for how long the final materials will become available to the public (1 year on TV, radio, online unlimitted etc.).
  • When is your deadline.
  • Other additional services.
Not all the services our project needs are listed on your website.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll make sure you receive the best and honest advice, or if we are able, we’ll gather the best team of specialists to make it happen.

I’m not sure if the voice I like is suitable for our project. Will the voice test be free of charge?

Unless we are able to send you another voice sample for the same talent from our database, a service that is free of charge, we will need to organize a dedicated casting based on your specifications. Please ask our project manager for more details about the procedures.

Our company is based outside Romania. Will my company be invoiced with 0 % VAT?

Our company owns a VAT identification number, so that we can invoice other companies based in the EU with a 0% VAT, on the condition that they also possess a VAT IN. Most companies based in Romania will be invoiced with a 0 % or a 19% VAT, according to their tax plan. Please make sure to check with your financial department about what VAT option is suitable for your company, when receiving an invoice.

Can you record using an ISDN protocol?

Yes, and it’s free for basic requirements. We enjoy a very good Internet infrastructure on optic fiber that allows a high-speed broadband access and fast data transfer rates.

Frequently Asked Questions by clients